Skin79 Diamond The Prestige BB Review

7:43 PM

Hello! I realized I haven’t making a review for quite some time now and I hope you know why. You don’t? Well, most products that I bought were all skin care so I need a little more time before giving you a review.

Anyway, so what I will be reviewing now is Skin79 The Prestige BB. I bought this last August 2011 and thought that I should make a review about it. I know it’s kinda late and many bloggers already reviewed this product but another review won’t hurt right?! ^_^

So let’s go with the review, shall we?

Site Description:
The Skin79 Diamond The Prestige is a triple function bb cream: whitening, wrinkle care and UV protection (SPF25 PA++). It uses a diamond complex to brighten complexion, a peptide MX-II complex to moisturize as well as co-enzyme Q10 to protect your skin.
I lost the box. Sorry ^_^
as you can see, I already consumed all the cream inside lol ^_^


It is so white for me

it is a bit gray-ish, my face is sometimes like that when I use this cream
you can really tell which side has no BB cream and which one have
sorry for the crappy photo
but in this picture, even though there's no flash, you can still see the white cast of the BB cream, it is so white! promise!

The original price of this sample size is P150.00 each, I got mine for P100.00 each since I bought 5 of this. (approx. $2 - $3). Quite expensive for a very small amount.

Too sheer! Super light! My red spots were still visible after putting it on. People who have a few blemishes to cover and people who just wants to put a glow on their faces would love it.

Its finish is super dewy! Err! Don't really like it most of the time. Yeah, most of the time because my face looks super oily! It is shining shimmering splendid! I prefer matte finish. People with dry skin would love this.

Overall Rate:
As much as I want to love this, I just can't! I forgot to tell you that it give me zits after days of using. The dewy finish is not really my type. BUT this BB cream is my bf's favorite! This cream looks good on him since he has a dry face. HAHA! ^_^ When I bought my Skin Food BB cream, he asked why I didn't repurchase this one. lol

Would I repurchase?
A big NO!

Would I recommend this?
Yes, especially those who have a dry skin and to those who wants a glow on their face ^_^

That would be all! Thanks for reading! Since you are already here, can you help me? Just click this and then like my entry! Thanks in advance!

Disclaimer: I purchase this product with my own money.

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