Etude House BB Magic Pact #1 Review

11:39 PM

When Etude House arrived at the Philippines, I hurriedly grabbed my boyfriend to its store in SM Manila at bought these products. You can see the things that I bought during that day in a different post, here.

For someone who doesn't know yet the difference of BB pact to BB cream, the answer is very simple. BB pact is in compact form like make-up foundations while BB cream is in liquid form like tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation.

That is the BB Magic Pact itself. A puff is included and there is also this plastic film that supposedly separate the puff from the powder itself. 

Product Description:
Pressed powder compact absorbs oil and supplies long lasting coverage with smooth, moist finish for a natural look. This product is free of oil, talc, and wax for sensitive skin. 
-Safe for Problematic Skin
-Talc & Oil Free to Alleviate Skin Irritation
-Applied after base/foundation application 
Available in 1 Light Beige (lighter) and 2 Natural Beige (darker) 
Vol. 15g (0.53 fl.oz.)

Price: P678.00 - I find it a bit pricey ^_^ but I realized it is worth it!

Packaging: I bet you know why I gave it a perfect score. It is from Etude House and expect that ALL their products are super adorable and princess-like. The cover is a shade of pink and purple and have embossed swirls. Super love!

Shade: This BB pact comes in 2 shades only: #1 Light Beige (lighter) and #2 Natural Beige (darker). I got the #1 shade because I thought the "darker" means really dark for me but I was wrong. I forgot that this product is originated in Korea and people there are so fair so always bear in mind that their dark shade is still light for us. Even though I bought the lighter shade, I'm still happy with it because it blends in my skin color after a few minutes and I didn't look white lady at all :p

Smell: It is lightly fragrance. Other's would find it annoying because it has fragrance but I totally love it! It smells so good. Don't worry because the smell will fade after seconds you put it.

Staying Power: Most of the time, when I'm in a air-conditioned room, it would last me for 6-8 hours and when I'm outside, meaning hot sunny weather, it would stay for only 4-5 hours which is not bad.

Oil control:  Perfect! It's oil control is really good that I only need to retouch after work meaning after 8 hours. I can say it is really really good. After 4-6 hours, my skin is not oily at all but a bit dewy which is not really bad.

What I love:
it is 100% talc free.
- oil control is really good since I have oily face
- it moisturize my skin very since the active ingredients are Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera Gel and Centella Asiatica.
- it made my skin look so flawless

❥ Cons:
- breaks me out. And because of that, I seldom use it until now that I realized it's not the pact that really breaks me out but the facial wash I'm using that time so in short, no cons for this product! :P

Overall Rate: 

How about you dear? Have you tried using a BB pact? How was it? 

Disclaimer: I purchase this product with my own money. 

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  1. wow, though i live here in seoul i haven't tried any etude product yet. i think i should!:-)

  2. ow. I used this pact too, it's a LOVE <3

  3. -you should give it a try! :)

    @Rindodo -yeah, I super love this! :D

  4. Have you tried other brands of BB Cream? I have a trusted BB cream but I would love to have a compact one.

  5. @precious: yeah, i have tried BB creams from Skin79.. the prestige beblesh balm and super plus beblesh balm.. and I'm currently using Skin Food's good afternoon BB cream ^_^

  6. Is this ok to use this if your pregnant?



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