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Just like what I told you on my previous post, I ordered a regular size of Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam cleanser. If you haven't read my review about it, you can find it here. This thing is really amazing, I decided to buy the regular size even if it is really expensive. I pre-order this from TLC Shop.

I was so disappointed to TCL Shop because they just gave me 1 freebie. ??!!!?? I bought this cleanser for P515.00 plus P90.00 shipping fee. But when I went to LBC to pay, they told me that they don't accept money transfers in 5's. It should be by 10's. Since the total amount I need to pay is P605.00, I paid P610.00 just for LBC to accept my transaction. 

When I saw the packaged yesterday, I noticed that the shipping fee is only P70.00. In short, I gave them P540.00 for 1 cleanser that is really P515.00 only. I was expecting 2-3 freebies for the excess payment I gave them, but they just send me 1 freebie and I don't know the brand pa. It's not Etude House, Skin Food, Tony Moly, THEFACESHOP, or other well-known brand. I don't think I will buy to their shop again. Maybe I'll make a review about TLC Shop.

Anyway, here is what I bought

As you can see, it is 150 ml just like Etude House Happy Tea Time Lemon Tea Foam Cleanser but this one is smaller in size.

They both have same amount of product. I love the packaging of Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam because the texture of its tube is kinda matte ^_^ but smooth. HAHA! The label is not a sticker, it is really printed on the tube unlike EH's Happy Tea Time. I also love their logo printed in gold, so elegant! 

Maybe your asking why I bought two cleanser, it is because I use EH's Happy Tea Time in the morning and Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam in night time. I prefer using Skin Food cleanser to clean my face just before I go to bed because I feel like its "cleaning power" is powerful than EH's. HAHA! ^_^

That would be all! Thanks for reading beautiful! I know this post is more on my rant but yeah, I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^ 'Till next time!

Oh yeah, can you share what cleanser are you using too?! Just comment below, it is free!! Have a good day!

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  1. i used to have a facial wash from skin food and it was very nice. i wanted to buy a bigger tube but i know the price will kill me so i switched to etude house coz its cheaper haha

  2. @jel: i'm broke now because of this cleanser.. HAHA!. But I can't help it.. it is really good.. what's your skin food cleanser before?

  3. I'm using The Face Shops Aloe 365 Herb cleanser. I'm not yet sure if it's good or not... O.o

  4. @mykoreancorner: Hello there! thanks for visiting my beauty blog!!



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