Skin Food Chorella Nose Clear Patch Review

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Hello lovelies! Sorry for not making a review this past few days. It is because I am busy completing all my requirements for my internship. But oh well, I am here now to make a review on Skin Food Chorella Nose Clear Patch.

Let's start!

Product Description:

This nose pack containing chlorophyll, a chlorella nutrient, effectively removes blackheads, dry skin, and sebum on nose. An astringent plant element tightens pores, leaving skin on nose clean.


After washing, wet nose area sufficiently. Remove clear film and apply smooth side to nose, adhering tightly to skin. Remove when dry.

This is the smooth side that you will stick to your nose ^_^ Remove the film then stick it, don't forget to wet your nose first.

This is what it should look like...

After 15 minutes of waiting, I removed it and this is what I got...

Nothing.. only some hairs on the side of my nose.

My experience:

I bought this thing because it is from Skin Food and I know most of their products are very effective. I gave it a try and I was kinda disappointed about the result. I was expecting to see many blackheads and whiteheads on that green patch but I didn't see at least one, only hairs. I don't know if my nose is just clean that it didn't get anything but I don't think so. Also, the smell of this patch is very strong. I tried not to breath for 15 minutes because I can't really tolerate the scent to the point that I am about to vomit.

I thought this would do wonders to my blackheads and whiteheads as I seen so many good reviews about it but oh well, every one of us have different skin types and condition so I'll just give my verdict.

Takes my blackheads/whiteheads:
For taking out the hairs on my nose.

1 point for having a smell but I prefer it to be non-scented since I really really can't stand the scent of this.

Tightens pores:
Somehow I felt that my pores were tighten a bit. But not really tight as what this can do.

Leaving skin on nose clean:
Yay for the perfect score! After removing the sheet, my nose feels really clean!

❥ What I love:
- leaving my nose "feel" so clean (emphasis on feel) 
- available locally
- easy to use

❥ Cons:
- a bit expensive. P62.00 for only 1 patch
- the smell. urgh!
- didn't get any black/white heads.

Overall Rate:

Would I repurchase?
Definitely no!

Would I recommend this?
Not really but if you want to try it and see it for yourself, then I won't stop you. ^^

PS: If you still have time, can you help me by liking this photo. Thanks in advance!

Disclaimer: I purchase this product with my own money. 

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  1. aww its quite disappointing that it didnt work. and i agree with you, most of skin food's product are really amazing.

    P.S. i tagged you in my 11 tag questions :) feel free to check it out at

  2. @jel: HAHA! First time to be tagged.. will do it! ^_^ Thanks!



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