San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation Review

4:32 PM

I saw this product used by Noe Mae a Filipina blogger and said this product is really good so I realized that I should try it too. So here it is:

The container is a frosted glass, with a matte-feel when touch ^_^

it has this cute spatula to easily get the cream

❥What I love
- smells good, something like the black bat cigarette *i don't smoke* 
- very affordable
- has a spatula
- available locally
- nice coverage

- few shades to choose from
- white cast on photo
- gives me zits
- finishing is not really matte
- caked
- some ingredients can cause allergic reactions like paraben, Vitamin A and E

Its original price was P130.00 (approx. $3) but I bought it for only P100.00 because it is on sale (approx. $2).

I love the coverage of this foundation, its medium to heavy coverage

Even though it says that is has a matte finish, when I applied it and take a photo, my face is somewhat glowing.. HAHA! IDK. Its matte when you touch it but a little dewy when you look at it.. other bloggers who also tried this one says that it really has a matte finish, but well, maybe my skin is too oily ^_^

Ease of Application:
It's very easy to apply because of the spatula that comes with this foundation. I usually put a small amount on the back of my hand then my stippling brush to apply it on my face.

I had a hard time choosing what shade suits me well because of very few choices. I think I'm between shade 2 and 3 and opted to buy shade number 2. I realized then that it is way to light for my skin tone. Maybe I'll buy shade number 3 next time then I'll combine both ^_^. I'm also thinking of blending this with my Skin Food BB cream. HAHA!

Overall Rate:
I love this liquid foundation but I was really disappointed with its "matte finish"
Would I repurchase?

Would I recommend this?
Yes. Always remember that products that didn't worked for me doesn't mean that it will not work on you, too. If you are brave like me ^_^, try it since it is on sale. If you are concerned with allergic reaction because of paraben and other ingredients in this product, then I advise you not to buy this at all.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I purchase this product with my own money.

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  1. may i know what's your skin type im planning buying din kasi kaso im not sure if this will work with me too. thanks a lot for this wonderful post ^__^ you blog is ow so cute :)

    i follow

    you can check out mine too and lets be friends ^_^

  2. Hi Cris! Thanks for following! Yeah, lets be friends!!! ^_^

    anyway, I have an oily skin =( ....



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