Etude House Happy Teatime Lemon Tea Cleansing Foam Review

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Hey lovelies! First review for this year and today, I would be talking about my Etude House Happy Teatime Lemon Tea Foaming Cleanser. I've been using this for more than a month until now. It is a lovely cleanser that I'm willing to purchase over and over again. Let's find out why ^_^

pretty secured!

Product Description: Vitalizing and nourishing formula with lemon tea extract.

Sparkling Experience:
For its price and size, this cleanser is a real steal! Bought it for only P148.00 (approx. $3) and it is 150 mL! This cleanser is huge. Here is a photo to prove that.

See? But wait! Don't be fooled by the tube size because the product itself is only above that word "Happy". This, as you can see is in a squeeze type tube which I super love! The product's color is light yellow and has a very strong (for me) scent. Honestly, I don't like the smell of it because it smells like a lemon dish washing liquid. Something like Joy (if you are familiar with it). Every time I use this, I feel like I'm washing the dishes. HAHA! But as time goes by, I'm used to its scent and I can barely smell it. 

It says that this is a cleansing foam but I'm not satisfied with its foamy effect. ^_^ There are times that it is so foamy for a small amount but often time, there is no foam at all. My theory is that, maybe my face is too oily HAHA that I need to repeat washing my face. 

Although it is a cheap cleanser, it really cleanses my face really well. After I pat dry my face, it will look a bit brighter even though it is not stated that this has a brightening effect. My face feels really smooth too. And I'm so happy to say that I didn't break out with this cleanser! Super love it!

I choose Lemon tea among its sister because the SA told me that this one is for oily skin. In line with controlling the oils, it is not that bad. Yes, after washing, my face would not be oily for 30 minutes but after that, it will get oily again.

And oh, I use this every morning only because I use my Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam in the evening.

❥ What I love:
- affordable
- didn't break me out
- always available in EH boutique
- leaves my skin squeaky clean 

❥ Cons:
- i don't like the smell
- average oil control

TIP: Wash your face with warm water together with this cleanser. The result is different when you are just using the water on your faucets ^_^

I like to rate this for its over all performance since this one is just a simple cleanser who promise to cleanse my face and control oiliness.

Overall Rate:

How about you? What facial wash are you using?

Disclaimer: I purchase this product with my own money.

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  1. hi!! ^^

    thanks for the review of this product! . I loved it.
    currently use:herb day 365 cleasing foam aloe.

  2. Hello @esined!! You're always welcome!!. Glad you like it! ^_^

  3. It's the green tea one that's for oily skin, not the lemon one.

  4. the lemon one is for vitalizing. maybe that's why you experienced some sort of brightening effect after patting your face dry.



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