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7:07 PM

Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating this blog. It is because I am too busy looking for a job. HAHA! And because I don't have anything to review. So anyway, yesterday I visited Etude House in Eastwood after 134843298374 years. LOL! I went there because I am planned to buy the AC Clinic trial set but due to consistent public demand :)) the SA told me that it was out of stock :( 

Then I asked the SA what would be the best product to use for my face because you know, I am having a major break out! :( Pimples were just popping out of nowhere and always have yellow something in the middle (sorry I don't know how to explain that thing, ekk!) So the SA told me to try the AC Clinic White Trouble Yellow Spot (name is too long). She also added that it would be best to use it along the AC Clinic White Trouble Bubble Cleanser. So I bought the two. Good thing is that the Yellow Spot already includes a trial size toner and essencializer :)

I already tried the Bubble Cleanser yesterday night, and I was amazed how the liquid turned into bubbles. HAHA! Other reviews said that it has a weird smell but I didn't smell anything weird BECAUSE I have a flu :) I also tried the toner, yellow spot and essencializer yesterday night. So far so good, the only thing I noticed is that when I woke up, my face was so oily. Maybe it is because of the essencializer. 

I'll try this for a month or so maybe then I will make a review if this is a good product or not. Others gave a 2.5/5 rate to this product but we'll see. That's all for today. Again, sorry for not updating this blog! ^_^ Please stay tune okay!  

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  1. Can't wait for your review on this! I hope it works for you! :)

    1. I really hope so... *crossed fingers* ^_^

  2. do you know the GWP for this October? XDD

    1. No, but they gave me a "hair pin ballpoint pen" for 1000 pesos worth of purchase... :)

  3. Oww, i really wish there would be an Etude House shop in my hometown. I'm totally into that Korean cosmetic stuff, they offer a very good (and supercute!!) products :-)

  4. I love Etude House products ~ Can't wait to see the full review<#




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