Review: Etude House AC Clinic White Trouble Bubble Cleanser

12:01 AM

After using the foam cleanser for a month now, I can finally share my experience with you. Yay! ^_^ As I told you before, I got a huge massive breakout LOL! And that's the reason why I bought the bubble cleanser, and also because the SA told me that it is very effective. I shouldn't have listened to her. HAHA! So let's start?

Product Description: 
It is a bubble type foam cleanser to melt down wastes and skin trouble inducing substances with its micro bubble particles.

Take adequate amount of foam on hands and rub well to get bubble. Massage the bubble on face evenly then wash of with warm water. 

AC Clinic White-Trouble Bubble Cleanser
Price:  P378.00

Consumed 20% of the product for a month. I used it twice a day: morning after I woke up and before I go to bed at night.

the pump :)
the bubble :))
I will not let this review too long as I only need to say few important points. I don't like this cleanser. Or maybe I have high expectation with this product because it is a line that supposed to help people with pimple problems. But it's not. If I were to choose between this bubble cleanser and the Happy Essential foam, I will choose the later.

What I like:

  • Packaging is very hygienic
  • Affordable
  • Gentle
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Non-drying

What I dislike:

  • Not really cleaning my face
  • Doesn't help fighting breakouts
  • Even though it is affordable, it is still a waste of money
  • Not effective
  • Has weird smell but I can tolerate it
  • After rinsing, I don't feel refreshed or being really clean.. LOL!
Would I recommend this product?
NO! It is really not good. I was hoping that my face would become better after a month of using it but it became worst. This product will not help you fight breakouts/pimples/acne. 

Will I repurchase?
Absolutely no! I will just consume all the remaining product and will try other cleansers.

Overall Rate: ♥♥ out of 5 hears. I just don't really like it. I really regret buying this.

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  1. i have read a lot of reviews about the neutrogena cleanser that has a pump in pomegrenate ba yun? hahaha o forgot :p you might wanna try it o i'm about to try it din :D

  2. tsk .. ako rin ! feeling ko hndi talaga nalilinis ung face ko after ko gumamit nto. kainis. kc un tlagang foam cleanser ginagamit ko.. kaso nung nagpunta ako sa store out of stock. eh sabi nman nung sa okey daw to. so binili ko :( sayang lang pera ko.

  3. Well, i should read ur review first before think that i need bubble cleanser. But i have bought it. Well it doesnt work at my face also. Arrg i am late to read this post :(

  4. damn if only I read your review earlier , I wouldnt have bought it 😂 but then bless me since its buy one free one promotion 💆🏼

  5. Just bought this one. Three days in and sobrang nagbreak out agad yung face ko. Imbes na paggaling na, it got worse. Sobrang disappointed ako kasi sayang sa pera. I'm planning on throwing thia out and buying a new cleanser, what do you recommend

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.



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