Air21 Tracking System Review

6:23 PM

As I told you before, I bought some items from eBay and the seller sent it to Air21. The seller message me the tracking number and told me to go to Air21's website then track my item. I then opened Air21's site and enter the tracking number but I was surprised to see that the system keeps on telling me that the tracking number was not found. I message the seller concerning that and told me that maybe it would take a while for Air21 to update their system so what I did was wait wait wait. Air21 is really getting on my nerves that I decided to Google for something like this: "air21 track your shipment". After hitting enter, I saw numerous articles on forums saying Air21's track your shipment sucks! 100% comments are all negative and I'm really worried that time. Back to Air21's website again, I clicked the contact link and saw that they have twitter and facebook account so I followed them on twitter and tried to talk to them. Luckily, someone answered me and we exchanged a couple of tweets. The Air21 person said that my packaged is not yet manifested and I need to wait for a while so I did. So this morning, I tracked my package again and to my surprise, this is what I saw:

I can say that their system is very up-to-date! Yeah, my grandmother was the one who received my package since I'm at the office right now. I was so excited when I saw that package is already at home and I want to go home right now! HAHA! But I can't! Dingdong Dantes and Kris Aquino will be shooting here at our office later this evening around 8:00 PM and I'm one of the marshalls. HAHA! 

Any way, all I can say is that give Air21 some time to update their system. Having your package sent to them doesn't mean that their system will automatically updates too. 

There's always room for improvement! ^_^

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  1. hehe galing naman nakita mo idol ko(kris Aquino). anyway nakita ko tong blog dahil sa air21 issue ko. anyway thanks for the effort writing this it really help :*



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