Etude House Tiny Haul

3:35 PM

You read it right! It's a tiny haul because it is just one product. Since my 2 trial pack of egg white pore foam from skin food already run out, I decided to try one of Etude House cleanser which is receiving so much rave.

Yesterday, I told my bf to accompany me in buying the product but he doesn't like to so what I did is to act as if I'm sullen ^_^ After that, he said he will go with me HAHA! Since we're already in Timog, I told him that we should just go to SM North The Block because the nearest Etude House is located there. But he said we should go to SM Masinag instead because it is somewhat nearer to our place so I said yes.

I was my first time to be there, SM Masinag. I can't really tell which of the two, SM Masinag and SM Marikina is bigger. But I really like SM Masinag because it is NOT YET crowded unlike other malls. I first look for Etude House store, and we saw it immediately. It is located at upper ground floor near Department store. It is not my first time to be in Etude House but when I entered, the SAs greeted my with this "Good evening princess!" unlike in SM Manila where they did not greet me like that HAHA ^_^ I look around the store and first try the Bee hand cream that SHINEE is endorsing, it smells so good! Then I swatches some of Aura line *don't know the exact name ^_^* then swatches some of EH's blush powders and many more. But the reason why I went there is because of this product. I heard so many good reviews about it and now, I want to try it out too. So without further ado, let's all welcome my new facial wash!

The packaging is so cute as usual!

Dan dan dan dan!!! *drum roll*

Yeah, it is the very much raved about cleanser of Etude House which is the Happy Tea Time Lemon Tea Cleansing Foam. I asked the SA which cleanser is better for oily skin, and she said its the lemon tea so I picked the lemon tea!

This cleanser is super affordable! I bought for P148.00 only! And this is HUGE! I think this would last for almost 2 months with regular use. If you are wondering how huge this product is, I'll show a size comparison.

Jollibee's Giant University float and the cleanser.
Its big right?! ^_^

I can't wait to review this product. I can't make the review now because I just used it twice, yesterday night and this morning. Maybe I'll make a review about this after a week or so just to know this baby better. You know, we're in the stage of getting to know each other. HAHA! *one sided* 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!! ^_^

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  1. i have this one too and i like it :)
    it smells so good, lemon :D haha

  2. @jel: I love this one too. The smell is like JOY diswashing liquid.. HAHA!



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