Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge #5

7:10 PM

Do you know 2NE1? If not, I pity you!. ^_^ They are the #1 Korean girl group! I'm one of their fans and I'm proud to say I am a Blackjack!! I love Dara the most! Not because she was an artist here before but because of her natural beauty! And she's so funny! HAHA!

Anyway, because Dara is one of the endorser of Etude House, I bought the lipstick she was wearing on one of her CF and that is LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge #5. I didn't bother to try the lipstick when I was in store. I just pay for the it then woosh! I'm home. HAHHA. By the way, I bought it in SM Manila.

So onto the review ^_^


You can see that this lippy is super pigmented! And sparkling ^_^

I can't swatch it one my lips because you will not see the color. I took this inside our house. With poor lighting.

My experience:

I love how pigmented this lipstick is. No question with that. It is also very moisturizing. Sometimes I don't apply lip balm before applying it. The only thing I don't like is its color. HAHA! I know I should be the one to blame ^_^ But this lipstick is so purple! I don't think this one is wearable for every day use. I just realize I'm not into purple lipsticks.

I find it a bit expensive. P478.00 for just one lipstick? That's way too expensive for a student like me ^_^

Staying Power:
The staying power is not that good. I think it would last me 2 hours before I need to put on again.

I so love the smell of this lipstick! It is like fruity to floral scent! Sorry I can't describe it. But it is really good!

❥What I love
- smells good
- moisturize my lips
- so pigmented

- staying power is bad
- color purple

Overall Rate:

Would I repurchase?
Definitely no. I'm not using this anymore since I really don't like the color. I think I waste my money on this. I like this lipstick but the color is not really my type. As you can see, I'm a pinkaholic ^_^

Would I recommend this?
50% Yes, 50% No. If you like purple shade lipsticks, then this one is for you but if you like a lipstick that would last all day, or maybe for more than 2 hours, then this lipstick is a no-no. 

Disclaimer: I purchase this product with my own money.

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