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You heard it right!! Whooping 40% is off on selected items at all Tonymoly branch (January 27 - February 19, 2012) and department stores except Cubao (February 9 - February 19, 2012). I don't know why ^_^

Here are the list of the items that are on sale!!

  • 3-point speedy liner 01blk
  • Backstage Double Edge Eyes #02GLAM DIVA
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Gel
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Face Scrub
  • Berry Berry Nutriwhite Cream 50ml
  • Berry Berry Nutriwhite Essence 50ml
  • Berry Berry Nutriwhite Lotion 140ml
  • Berry Berry Nutriwhite Skin 140ml
  • Berry Nutriwhite Eye Cream 30ml
  • Berry Berry Body Lotion 300ml
  • Berry Berry Body Oil
  • Berry Berry Body Oil 155ml
  • Berry Berry Body Wash
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Cleansing Oil 150ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Cream 30ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Essence 50ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Face Scrub 150ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Lotion 140ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Skin 140ml
  • Berry Berry Whitening Sleeping Pack
  • Collagen Gel eye mask 2
  • Cottony Essence Mask-ginseng
  • Cottony Essence Mask-lemon
  • Cottony Essence Mask-manuka honey
  • Cottony Essence Mask-wine
  • Cutie Beauty BB Cream SPF36 Lovely Sweetheart Lily
  • Dandyguy Double Bubble Foam Cleanser
  • Dandyguy Whitening Emulsion
  • Dr. Tony AC Control Whitening Serum
  • Dr. TONY Pore Clear Gel Cream
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Emulsion
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Emulsion 140ml
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Pore Tightening Serum 50ml
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Scrub Cleansing Foam
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Sebum Control Serum 50ml
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Tightening Sleeping Pack
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Toner 140ml
  • Dr.Tony sensitive multi healing balm
  • Eyelash essence
  • Floria Youth Energy Eye Cream
  • Floria youth energy sleeping pack
  • Ice Cool Jelly Bubble Spray
  • Ice Cool Sun Mist SPF30 PA+++
  • Ice Queen crispy green tea pack
  • Luminous pink heart makeup starter
  • mask sheet pack(Houttuynia)
  • Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask-Super Q10
  • Oriental Mask Sheet Pack (4 variants)
  • Premium Zen Cleansing Cream
  • Premium Zen Cleansing Foam
  • Premium Zen Concentrate Eye Cream
  • Premium Zen Concentrate Oil Serum
  • Premium Zen Concentrate Serum
  • Premium Zen Moisture Emulsion
  • Premium Zen Moisture Toner
  • Premium Zen Nourishing Cream
  • Premium Zen Oriental Feminine Cleanser
  • Premium Zen Oriental Mask
  • Silky Glaze speedy hair dark brown
  • Silky Glaze speedy hair natural blk
  • Silky Glaze speedy hair natural brown
  • Silky Glaze volume up hair mist
  • Tomatox Brightening All In One Fluid
  • Tomatox Brightening Essence
  • Tomatox Brightening Eye Serum
  • Tomatox Brightening Foam Cleanser
  • Tomatox Whitening Spot Corrector
  • Very Shiny Eye Brightener
  • Vita Vital MX7 cream
  • Hot pepper body line gel
  • green aloe multi soothing gel
  • Kiss Lover 2-PK06 tiara pink
  • Avocado Homme Emulsion 2
  • berry berry body scrub2
  • Cutie-Beauty perfume bar 04 grace
  • Cutie-Beauty perfume bar 05scharlet
  • Cutie-Beauty perfume bar01 chris
  • Cutie-Beauty Perfume bar02 Amy
  • Cutie-Beauty perfume bar03 lily
  • Dandy Guy  Mild Emulsion
  • Dandy Guy  Mild Toner
  • Dandy Guy Mild soother
  • Dandy Guy whitening Emulsion
  • Dandy Guy Whitening Toner
  • Essential Mask Sheet Pack-green tea2
  • Essential Mask Sheet Pack-strawberry2
  • Floria Moisture energy skin emulsion
  • Fresh Aqua cleansing water
  • Fresh Aqua one step watery foam
  • Fresh Aqua pure drop cream2
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop  cream2
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop  Emulsion
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Essence
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop gel cream2
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Toner
  • Fresh Aqua water drop serum
  • Fresh Aqua water pump booster
  • Honey Bee Toner solution mist
  • Intense Repair dual effect sleeping pack
  • Intense Repair Live Snail cream2
  • Intense Repair Live Snail Foam
  • Intense Repair Live Snail Lotion
  • Intense Repair live Snail sun cream
  • Intense Repair Snail ampoule
  • Intense Repair Snail essence2
  • Intense Repair Snail Gel Mask
  • Intense Repair SnailEye cream2
  • Luminous Sheer Base
  • Party Lover Shine Blusher 01happy pink
  • Party Lover Shine Blusher 02 sweety peach
  • Party Lover Shine Blusher 03 love orange
  • Premium Zen cleansing cream
  • Premium Zen cleansing foam
  • Premium Zen concentrate serum
  • Premium Zen emulsion
  • Premium Zen toner
  • Premium Zen Two way pact 02
  • Premium Zen Two way pact 03
  • real essence makeup base
  • Regensia Homme  Toner2
  • Regensia Homme 2set
  • Regensia Homme multi fluid2
  • Synake wrinkle cream
  • TM sports 101 Emulsion2
  • TM sports 101 Toner2
  • Vita Vital MX7 Eye cream

That was a lot!! I mean c'mon! I'm having a hard time choosing. HAHA! But I'm having a second thought since most of the items on sale is not really a need as of this moment and some have a bad reputation like being not effective.

So yeah, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Tonymoly branch now. I might go to SM North later ^_^

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  1. ahh i wish there was a store close to me!! but thanks for the heads up!!



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