Skin Food Parsley and Mandarin Emulsion (For Troubled Skin)

11:37 PM

Hello bunnies!! Sorry for a short hiatus. I'm so busy with my internship and yeah, lazyness is with me again. HAHA! Finally, finally, finally! I'm here for another review which is *insert title here* ^_^

Remember the contest I joined last December 2011? I bought this product using the GC. So anyway, let's go to the review..

Product Description:

A gentle refreshing emulsion with Parsley and Mandarin  Extracts, produced using nanotechnology, to soothe and prevent skin troubles caused by external stress factors.

To use:

Apply an adequate amount to your face after using essence.

Sparkling Experience:

I really picked this up because I badly need a moisturizer because my skin is kinda dry which is kinda weird since my skin is really oily. When the SA told me that this moisturizer is targeting faces with trouble LOL, I didn't made a second thought.

What to love:
- it really moisturize my face very well
- super love the smell, I wish they have a body lotion of this one, too ^_^
- feels so light,it's more on the watery side
- it "somehow" helped/helping to prevent skin troubles "caused by external factor" since it cannot prevent internal factor like having monthly period ^_^

❥ What's not:
- it's on a glass container, not travel friendly. I usually carry this around my bag feels so heavy.
- leaves a greasy feeling whenever I use it in the morning so I decided to only use it at night when I'm about to go to sleep
- super pricey at Php 995.00 at local Skinfood boutique. I think when this thing run out, I'm not be able to buy it again.

Will I buy this again?
No, mainly because of it's price. But if budget will allow me, I will definitely buy one again because it's really a good moisturizer. Preventing skin trouble is just a plus point for me because an effective moisturizer is what I'm looking for at the first place.

Do I recommend this?
Big YES! This moisturizer is really really a good moisturizer. HAHA! SRSLY!

Overall Rate:
- .5 for the not-so-travel-friendly glass container
- .5 for the greasy feel

Disclaimer: I purchase this product using Skinfood's GC but don't worry since my review is from my OWN HONEST OPINION.

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  1. what skintype are you? this seems like a marvelous product!

  2. @imah Hello! I have oily face ^_^ But as of this moment, my nose area is kinda try, I think it's because of the weather ^_^ and yeah, this product is great!



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