Etude House Haul

7:26 PM

Bought this yesterday at SM Masinag. I didn't really planned to buy this two. We went there to only buy EH head band because I really need and want that but it is the second time that we went there that it is out of stock. Since we're already there, I decided to look for a product that I want because I don't to go home empty handed. ^_^ I tried their eyeliners, tear drop liquid liners, nail polishes, lipsticks, blushes, highlighters and BB creams since I don't really know what to buy HAHA!

Here is the fun part. I tried their All days strong BB cream number 2 and number 3 only because number 1 is out of stock. I was blown away with the coverage the number 3 gave. Number 2 has a very sheer coverage. I was so tempted to buy number 3 but good thing napigilan ko sarili ko! HAHA! I will really buy that one! 

HAHA! That's all! And yeah, I bought this hand cream because my hands specifically my palm is peeling off. The skin of course! ^_^ because of doing all the laundry ORZ.

Sorry this is a very ramdom post!. Will try to make a swatch review of the lip liner. I used it today and I'm loving it! ^_^

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