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Here is a short review about my favorite and trusted online shop which is Davao TLC Shop.

Davao TLC Shop began in Seoul in February 2009. Ms. J (owner of the shop) who works as an engineer in Seoul, was asked by a few friends to buy some Korean beauty products for them when she went home to the Philippines on her vacation. It turned out that there were a lot of Filipinas eager to get their hands on Korean beauty products so in February of 2009, she started a small online shop to cater their needs. Over time, Davao TLC Shope have added Japanese products and selected US brands to their offerings. more...

My experience:
What I like about this shop is that it gives me the feeling of living in Korea even though I'm from Philippines. My first order from this shop was my Skin Food Egg White Pore foam Cleanser. I was so happy when I received my item because it was well and neatly packaged. It even includes a freebie. 

This shop doesn't limit its offering for just Korean cosmetics. I even ordered a Korean book for my self-studying Korean. Funny how fast the transaction is. I messaged her in Facebook. Gave her the link of my order then she gave the price converted in peso. Then I sent her my order form. Then voila! The next day I saw a picture of my book in shop's wall. OMO! I was really shocked because it was so fast! I didn't even yet received an invoice but oh well, I was really happy because she already got my book! Yehey!.

And what I like most about them is they allow us to experience the SALE in Korea too! You heard it right. Last May 4, she posted in the shop's wall that Etude House Korea is having a 30% off in all items. Being an Etude House fan, I hurriedly checked Etude House's account in GMarket. After sending and receiving the price quote, I immediately send her my order form. OMO! I'm super happy! 

When it comes to delivery of my items, I have no complaints. None at all. Once the items arrived at Parañaque, and you don't have any outstanding balance, your item will be shipped ASAP. I remember receiving a call from one personnel of Davao TLC Shop confirming my payment. I said I don't have any balance then he told me that my item will be shipped in the afternoon. Wow! Just wow! The next day, I received my item and in very good condition.

Miss J is very approachable too. Just message her and you will receive a reply right away. Sometimes you need to wait for a short moment before you'll receive a reply, but I understand her because I know she's really busy running the shop.

For the list of the services they offer, you can visit their multiply account here. And don't forget to like their Facebook page for more updates.

Overall Rate: ♥♥♥♥♥ Perfect score!! I really really recommend this shop!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

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  1. Hi Miss Hazell, This is J. Thank you so much for the great review for our humble little shop :-) Me and Brad are super happy to read this! Super Salamat! :-)



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