Etude House Petit Bijou Baby Bubble Allover Spray Review

8:18 AM

About the product:
Product Name: Petit Bijou Baby Bubble All Over Spray
Volume: 150ml / 5.07 fl.oz.
Price: PHP 378.00
Wonderful Scent “Soft Aldehydic Floral”
Designed by eSpoir Pink

At the back, you will its description. This spray is called Allover spray for not reason. Its called Allover spray because as you can see in the illustration printed at the bottle, you can use this spray to your body, room and fabrics and even your shoes and bags. Awesome! 

Whenever I feel that my I don't smell good, I use this and spray allover my body. I also use this on my hair para iwas amoy araw ^_^ The smell of this spray is more of a newly bathed baby. I super love it. It gives me the feeling of being baby again. HAHA!

My Comment:

When I was at Etude House boutique, I don't really have a plan of buying this but since I need a 300++ item for me to complete 1K, I opted for this one. Good news is that I don't regret buying this one. At first I was quite hesitant because I'm not really a fan of items that smells like baby, like Tender Care soap. HAHA! But this one is different, i love it! Yeah its smell like baby, very refreshing. 

What I love:
- the scent - light/mild fragrance
- packaging is very cute, like baby LOL!
- multi-purpose spray - i can use it wherever I want
- the nozzle~ i find it cute. Others might think that it is not a perfume. HAHA
- the lock~ super helpful 

- quite bulky - as much as I want to carry this everyday, I just can't because the container is so big. Unless I'm bringing my Jansport bag
- expensive~ for a student like me
- the staying power of the scent is so-so but when I sprayed it on my handkerchief the smells stays there for the whole day... I don't know why. HAHA!
- it sometimes sprays too much amount of product~ you need practice to master how to control spraying
- i hope the lock is somewhat attached to the bottle because I might misplace it because it is so tiny and cute~ ^_^

Overall Rate: ♥♥♥♥
I would give it a perfect score if only the perfume/scent is long lasting.

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  1. hi,, i have this one too but not used yet! i have the peach one too but i think the scent of the baby bubble is better



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