Review: Etude House AC Clinic White-Trouble Yellow Spot

12:34 AM

I have small red rashes in my forehead, nose and chin that's why I bought this. And also because this spot complete the application sequence of this line since I already bought the bubble cleanser. I will only review the yellow spot even though it came with a trial size toner and essencializer. This is a so-so product to me. Read until the end to know the reason why.. :))

Product description:
It is a two-story type spot care product which help to calm down the area having trouble with small rashes

Shake the bottle well enough to see the two-story contents mixed. Then, either apply on the area where having troubles directly or use fingers to take adequate amount to apply.

Application Sequence: Bubble Cleanser  2 Step Toner → Yellow Spot → Essencializer

Sometimes, this product really work like magic. I would "dot" some of this on my rashes and pimples, let it dry and when I woke up in the morning, my rashes is already not visible and my pimples were not red as it was before. But this past week, this product seems that it lost its magic as it didn't help calm down my rashes and pimples anymore. I don't know why. 

What I like:
  • I love to shake it before using :)
  • Value for money as it already include trial size of toner and essencializer
  • 15 ml is already a lot amount of product as you only need a few drops to use
 What I dislike:
  • the effectiven ess is not consistent
  • too runny - almost water-like
  • it dries fast but a few touch and it will be remove easily
Would I recommend this product?
No. It's not really effective

Will I repurchase?

Sorry for a very lifeless blog post as I don't have the strength to be giddy and happy when writing this because I was really disappointed by this product. HAHA! 

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